Thursday, March 29, 2007

What 'process' without leadership?

It's all very well to talk in generalities about how Chappell did not get to implement his 'process' and how he did not get the 'young' team he wanted. Let's take specifics.
Which senior player did Chappell not want? Ganguly? He was the best performer at the World Cup and the 'man of the series' in the warm-up against Lanka. Which young player did Chappell want instead? Raina? This promising player's performance nosedived under Chappell's tutelage, and he now has to revive it in domestic cricket. Chappell was also reported to have been dead set against Sehwag. That's irony. One of the first things Chappell did on taking over as coach was to project Sehwag as the future captain.
The contradictions in Chappell's statements, decisions, and 'processes' are symptomatic of the inept leadership that is Indian cricket's biggest handicap. And that includes the board, the selectors, the coach and the captain.

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