Friday, May 25, 2007

Whatmore's parting shot?

Bangladesh ticked Whatmore off during the World Cup for expressing an interest in coaching India. There were also reports of Bangla displeasure over his consultations with BCCI officials during the current tour. So perhaps Whatmore got his own back by persuading Bangladesh to inexplicably put India in on the easiest of pitches. But India did not quite do enough with that magnanimity: 326 at a rate of 3.67 per over is below par against a weak opposition on a flat wicket where the team lost not a single wicket during the day. It was understandable Jaffer and Karthick started cautiously, but to carry that on till tea was too much. And, at the end, Tendulkar was over-cautious, getting just 9 off 31 balls. But then, who knows when he will get another chance to score a century!

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