Thursday, August 30, 2007

When will Dravid learn?

So Dravid's sticking to the five-bowler gamble. A gamble it is because it can only come off if no more than one batsman fails (or somebody gets a big century). By my reckoning, the odds favour another Indian loss. Agarkar for Munaf is hardly a strengthening of the side, going by recent performances - but Dravid obviously feels the need for three pacers to handle the 20 powerplay overs, so let's not belabour the point. On the positive side, I'm glad he's retained the two spinners, which was an obvious thing to do, but you never know with the Indian think tank. Also, Dravid is probably carrying that coin with two heads from Sholay - how else can he win seven tosses in a row?


Soulberry said...

Please refer to my response to your previous post.

If India are batting first, I don't mind the 5-5-1 theory.

The problem was they were opting to chase with that combo...and they lost both matches. When chasing, the extra bat is a better option iin the absence of a true all-rounder.

DK's selection today was questionable after three dry runs.

Sumit Chakraberty said...

soulberry, thanks for the comment. the response is in my next post which analyses the manchester match.