Friday, September 14, 2007

A conspiracy theory

Here's a wild thought - given the political antipathy that England and Australia both have for Zimbabwe, is it possible that England was not trying hard enough in its T20 match with Australia? Obviously, an easy win for Australia takes both England and Australia into the next round, and knocks out Zimbabwe. What else can one make of Collingwood's decision to bat first, given his general preference for chasing, the accepted wisdom of chasing in T20 cricket, and the likelihood of Aussie tentativeness if they had batted first after their collapse agaisnt Zim?


Soulberry said...

To be honest, I chided myself when that thought crept into my mind while watching the match. Australia too let go the momentum when they were certain they'd win after a spanking start...they didn't want to try for 9.3 overs, even after taking KP's boyish tongue into account.

Sumit Chakraberty said...

true, it's more probable that it was just another case of collingwood goofing off