Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Better than Tendulkar and Ganguly

I can't recollect seeing a more dominant top order batting performance by India in England. Tendulkar and Ganguly had a few good knocks but nothing like the total dominance shown by Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma. Against South Africa at Cardiff, the pitch was good for batting, so I was watching to see how the Indian openers would fare on a slightly more challenging pitch at the Oval against a decent West Indian pace attack. They were near perfect, finding the right balance between aggression and self-preservation. Perhaps Shikhar Dhawan is taking a few chances too many - the kind of form he is in, somebody should tell him to cut the airy fairy ones past gully and the hooks to square leg. Just not worth it. More importantly, he has to learn to weave out of the way of the bouncer at the body. Right now, he's either getting into a tangle or pulling out of compulsion. As for Rohit, he is just oozing with talent as always. Can he keep going, or will he start giving it away again after a couple of successes?

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